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Russia, Perm
Monastyrskaya street 14a

Hotel «City Star» services

Hotel «New Star»
Great hotel in the city center



  • Perm State Art Gallery
  • Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral
  • Perm Regional Museum
  • The central promenade of Kama
  • River Station (architect Monument.)
  • Modern Art Museum

New services “Lunch” and “Dinner”

Right now you don’t need to find around the city map the place where you can have a lunch or a dinner. We offer you service “Lunch 400rub” - for 400 rubles you can choose any dishes from the business-lunch menu (just during weekdays, it’s not actual on weekends). Also you can have a dinner for 900 rubles - choose any dishes you like from our main menu. City Star thought of you!