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Russia, Perm
Monastyrskaya street 14a

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  • Perm State Art Gallery
  • Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral
  • Perm Regional Museum
  • The central promenade of Kama
  • River Station (architect Monument.)
  • Modern Art Museum

Conference Halls

City Star hotel offers you modern, multi-functional conference halls with a set of professional equipment. (projectors, automatic screen, flipchart, acoustic system, stage and a podium, laptop, free WiFi).

Our conference halls are located on the fifth floor of the hotel. Access to the premises is carried out by two elevators and stairs. The hall is fully air-conditioned. A wardrobe for 280 guests. We can easily set a coffee break or set up a banquet on request.

We will provide banquet for your guests, in accordance with the format of the event. Our manager will create a personal menu according to your wishes. The professionalism of the hotel staff "City Star" will help organize any event on the highest level.

Big conference hall

Up to 100 guests, seating scheme - theater (enabled screen)
Up to 3 hours a day - 2300 rub/hour
More than 3 hours a day - 2000 rub/hour

More than 100 guests, seating scheme - theater (enables screen)
Up to 3 hours a day - 4000 rub/hour
More than 3 hours a day - 3600 rub/hour

Floor area: 333 sq. m.
Capacity: up to 300 seats

Big conference hall is a great place for any massive event, congress, meeting, conference and also for banquets. Hall is equipped with modern technology which let you to show information at the large screen, to manage all audio/video equipment and lights. Sound reinforcement system and microphones, tribune of rapporteur with opportunity of work on presentation let you hold event on high level.


  • Air-conditioner
  • Opportunity of airing the room
  • Cloakroom for 280 guests
  • Place for refreshment/coffee breaks and cocktail dinners


  • Projector
  • Screen 4*3,5m
  • Flipchart
  • Acoustic system
  • Mobile stage
  • Laptop
  • Free Wi-Fi

Small conference hall

Up to 30 guests, seating scheme - theater:
Up to 3 hours a day - 1300 rub/hour
More than 3 hours a day - 1000 rub/hour

Floor area: 44 sq. m.
Capacity: up to 30 seats

Inside the hall you’ll find comfortable and functional furniture which let you to model a space in accordance with your needs. The shape of hall and its facilities make small conference hall the perfect place for event of any form.


  • Air-conditioner
  • Cloakroom for 280 guests


  • Projector
  • Screen 2*2m
  • Flipchart
  • Laptop
  • Free Wi-Fi

Equipment rental (price per hour)

Equipment Price(per hour)
Acoustic system with 1 wired microphone 500 rub
Additional radio-microphone 100 rub
Projector + screen 500 rub
Screen small hall 300 rub
Projector small hall 300 rub
Projector big hall 500 rub
Flipchart (+paper and markers) 300 rub - for event time
Additional notebook for flipchart 300 rub
Laptop 500 rub
Laser device with slides switching option 300 rub - for event time
PS speakers 300 rub - for event time
Office kit (notebook and pen) 50 rub - for one kit


Service/Equipment Price
Cloakroom 150 rub - per hour for work of hotel staff
Guests registration and reception 500 rub
Wi-Fi internet Free
Fax 3 rub/page
Copier 3 rub/page
Printer 3 rub/page
Dish rental 1 article (if there is no reservation in the restaurant) 20 rub
Cattle rental (8 litters) (if there is no reservation in the restaurant) 200 rub
Storage From 500 rub

Terms of use conference hall

1. In the case of confirmation of booking, the customer invoice is issued for the rental of the hall. The score at the non-cash payments to be paid no later than one business day prior to the date of the event.
2. All matters related to the activities specified in advance. Customer must promptly provide the information necessary to provide services.
3. Technical hour includes 30 minutes prior to the event,and 30 minutes after, it is used only for the preparation of room to work and cleaning it after the event. If you use this time for other purposes (continues conference) this time is paid according to the tariffs.
4. The customer is not entitled to hang promotional signs to hold a conference at the hotel, without prior agreement with the manager. Fine is 1000 rub.
5. Guests meals ONLY in a designated area for coffee breaks.
6. The customer is responsible for the safety of the equipment of conference halls and isn’t entitled to leave the conference room without telling the manager.
7. The customer is entitled to a discount if he uses the services of at least 3 times a month or consent of the administration of the hotel.
8. The customer is obliged to comply with fire regulations and technical security at the hotel.
9. Manager is not responsible for the safety of the customer's property.
10. Following the conference, the customer must notify the manager and deliver a conference hall in the proper form, and the manager is required to make a final payment for additional services and take the conference room. In the absence of the manager, conference room takes receptionist.
11. In the event of damage to or loss of property conference hall customer shall reimbursethe cost of the material damage caused by an act of property damage and check.
12. The administration of the hotel has the right to cancel the conference, if the customer has not provided a document confirming the payment or refuses to pay for the services (in the terms stipulated in the service contract for the provision of s conference room).
13. The administration has the right to demand termination of conference in the case of misconduct of the customer, rudeness on his part, and the improper use of the conference room.
14. The minimum billing period in case of the cash payment for the services of conference hall is 1 hour prior to the event.
15. The minimum interval between conferences is 1 hour.
16. The administration of the hotel is not liable for force majeure (central off water, electricity, etc.) are not caused by the administration or the hotel staff.

<= 3h:
1500 rub/hour
1500 rub/hour
Area: 65 sq. m.
Capacity: 50 seats
Screen: 3х2 m